Aptum Hybrid
Cloud Manager

Accelerate cloud transformation, optimize cloud investments

The power of cloud services to transform IT, accelerate innovation, expand market reach, and drive efficiencies is now mainstream.


Increasingly, this is demanding a hybrid approach, combining platforms and vendors to deliver the desired business outcomes, but the resulting ecosystem of cloud computing technologies can be complex to manage and optimize to deliver maximum value.

Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager is a powerful hybrid multi-cloud platform that enables you to accelerate your cloud initiatives. It delivers the visibility and control to plan migrations, optimize spend, secure data and automate critical tasks. All through a single pane of glass.


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Cloud Migration Assessment

  • Identify and compare migration recommendations for Azure and AWS

Cloud Planning and App Insights

  • Cost and Resource optimization ensuring best use of assets

Budget and Governance

  • Complete visibility of all cloud spend
  • Maintain control on what is provisioned - what, where, when
  • Control data sovereignty, costs and lifespan of resources

Security and Compliance

  • Identify and remediate high risk security issues
  • Simplify management of your compliance requirements

Asset Inventory

  • Access a global view of all assets
  • Tag assets to identify and group resources accurately

Cost Management and Optimization

  • Understand and measure the performance of your cloud assets
  • Easily identify cost saving opportunities
  • Understand billing parameters

Automation and DevOps/Container Services

  • Efficiently deploy templates for speed and consistency
  • Avoid errors in deployment
  • Roll out repeatable workflows to lower level of effort

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