Managed Amazon Web Services

Unlock the full power of AWS and optimized your cloud investment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful cloud platform offering huge potential but architecting a best-fit AWS environment and migrating workloads can be complex and time-consuming.

Aptum experts will work with you at each stage of your AWS project. Beginning with an initial consultation and assessment to understand the business outcomes your AWS deployment to must achieve we will then leverage our experience ensure the best possible cloud architecture is designed to meet your specific needs and optimize your AWS investment.

We will then manage the build and test of your AWS environment, the migration of your data and applications, and look after the ongoing management and fine-tuning of your platform.

The result is you can focus on your business and your customers safe in the knowledge your AWS platform is in expert hands and your cloud spend is delivering maximum value.

Work with our highly qualified cloud solution architects to understand, classify, and size existing workloads and identify application readiness for AWS migration.
Simplify the complexity. Work with our architects to ensure you select the right AWS options and configurations and benefit from a holistic design approach that includes security and connectivity.
Rely on our proven expertise to move your critical workloads to AWS securely and efficiently, including applications, servers, databases, storage and many other components to speed your cloud transition.
Focus on your applications, your business and your customers, confident in the knowledge that Aptum cloud experts are looking after the day-to-day management of your platform, monitoring it 24/7 and providing guidance to help optimize your solution as your business evolves.
Aptum Cloud Connect provides dedicated, secure MPLS connectivity to AWS Direct Connect giving you the high performance, connection to your cloud services and peace of mind your data is 100% safe while in transit.

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